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About Forest Credits

Forest Credits is an initiative of Rainforest Concern, set up to enable individuals and businesses to acknowledge and address their impact on the environment by using the unique power of forests to lock up carbon while also delivering biodiversity and local community benefits.

About us

Forest fire Forest tree mist

The idea was conceived when donors and supporters approached us about carbon offsetting. In the context of increasing international focus on REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation), we realised that with 20 years’ experience in forest conservation and working with local organisations and communities, we were perfectly placed to offer credible forest-based carbon offsetting adhering to the highest standards.

The carbon assessment of our projects is undertaken by well-respected independent auditors using a combination of satellite (by Carbon Auditors Ltd) and ground-based (by Ecometrica Ltd) measurements following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Good Practice Guidelines on greenhouse gas reporting, also adopted by international standards - currently the only recognised way to ensure that your carbon offset is real. 

Forest Credits is a not-for-profit programme and we strive to keep our administration costs as low as possible to ensure that virtually all the funds reach our projects.

The Team

Director: Peter Bennett
Ecuador Coordinator: Fiona Perez
Forest Carbon Consultant: Sarah Fraser
Advisor to Forest Credits: Claes-Göran Sandström


Forest credits is pleased to provide carbon offsetting for many individuals and a diverse number of both small and larger organisations, including:

John Brown
O’Melveny Myers
Hard Rain Project
CMS Consultancy
Park Lane Press
IT Woodwork


We also have partnerships with companies who offer carbon offsetting to their customers through Forest Credits.

Green Tours: Natural History Holidays

Greentours offers high quality natural history holidays to all corners of the globe. Since 1994 they have been travelling the world with their wildlife tours, sharing the most exciting mammal watching, the most beautiful and rare flower tours, superb bird watching tours and the most diverse and spectacular butterfly sites.

Their leaders are dedicated, talented and approachable naturalists offering a wide range of natural history knowledge. Each tour is carefully designed around their customers' desire to see and photograph the marvellous diversity of wildlife and flowers.

Green Tours offer the opportunity to offset via Rainforest Concern’s Forest Credits programme. Green Tours

Coral Cay Conservation

Coral Cay

Coral Cay Conservation is an award-winning, not-for-profit organisation that specialises in tropical marine conservation, community education and capacity building projects in developing countries. Founded in 1986, Coral Cay has pioneered a citizen science approach to conservation, training volunteers to survey coastal ecosystems in order to help local communities set up effective conservation measures such as Marine Protected Areas.

Imagine diving with Whale Sharks and coral reefs teaming with life, living within a small island community untouched by tourism and working closely within a team of staff and volunteers.
 Projects are open to people from all ages and walks of life. All training takes place at the project site through a comprehensive Skills Development Programme. This course ensures that you gain all the necessary skills needed to survey the tropical marine environment and contribute directly towards their preservation. Projects operate in Montserrat, Cambodia and the Philippines.

For anyone taking part in their expeditions, Coral Cay offer the opportunity to offset via Rainforest Concern’s Forest Credits programme. Coral Cay

The Green Stationery Company

The Green Stationery Company selects products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over the standard stationery equivalents. They aim to maintain sustainable business practices within a culture that respects all life and honours its independence, and to ease our customers' path to a modern, low-impact office.

Green Stationery has a unique range of products and has just launched the "Products for Life" range of long-life and ethically made office supplies. Many new green products are showcased by manufacturers in the Green Stationery catalogue before they become available to the normal office supply companies. Established over 20 years ago, the company is a mine of information and helps on all the environmental issues that surround recycled paper and business supplies. Green Stationery customers can voluntarily choose to pay 25p to help offset their order, and the Green Stationery Company will contribute a further 25p. Green Stationery Company

Andean Trails

Andean Trails is a specialist UK-based tour operator offering a range of small-group tours and tailor-made holidays in South America and beyond.

Clients booking holidays with Andean Trails are asked if they wish to donate to Rainforest Concern, to help to protect the amazing areas that are being visited, or to offset their carbon with Forest Credits' carbon offsetting scheme. Andean Trails

Think Galapagos

Think Galapagos is a UK-based company which specialises in organising Galapagos and Ecuador holidays for individuals, couples, families and friends as well as leading small group tours to these remarkable places several times each year. They promote Forest Credits to clients wishing to offset the impact of their travel. Think Galapagos

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